Brisbane Christmas Party

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Don’t be boring this Christmas get together with friends for an intimate spiced up fun Christmas party, with Pole Dancing, Burlesque, Twerk or Lap Dance…

  • Guarantee you will have the best christmas party photos and videos to share in facie and insta, not to mention the snapchat videos
  • We will indulge you with treats and hydration.
  • Treat you to a dance routine in pole,twerk, lap or burlesque.
  • Make all your friends and work colleagues jealous.
  • Only $45 each.

We can only cater to small intimate party sizes

  • Pole Dance 16 (Lawnton) or 12 (Ipswich)
  • Twerk 20 (Lawnton) 30 (Ipswich)
  • Lap Dance 20 (Lawnton) 30 (Ipswich)
  • Burlesque 20 (Lawnton) 30 (Ipswich)
  • Parties are only held Saturday & Sunday Afternoons so timesĀ are limited.

Add a Limo or videographer, no problems, just let us know and we can give you a quote.

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