Casual Classes

Anyone is Welcome but you must book in prior to arrival.

Increase and maintain fitness or just compliment your pole journey, either way the casual classes are a great general fitness alternative to the gym. View the timetable and book in for Casual Classes here.

  • Group sessions
  • Friendly Environment
  • No Experience Required
  • Guaranteed to Fire you UP
  • Bookings are Essential – Click here to book your casual class.

High Heels Dance Class
Heels are essential! The Instructor will take you through a different routine each week heels makes this a great calf workout. Have fun, feel sexy and dance!

Strength & Conditioning
Work on your strength and power in this course. It’s a great all all over body workout to help you nail those tricks or just a great fitness class.

Abs, Butts & Thighs
Target and Reshape those problem areas! This class focuses on strengthening your abs, butt and thighs with a combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises.

Freestyle Dance Class
Maximum fun and laughs as the teacher and the students create a routine on the spot to a different song each week, this class can get a little crazy! If you want to see what pole dance classes are like this is the best one to try.

A different Full Body Circuit each week. Strength, toning & cardio based.

Alternating Class
Each week is a different class, these classes are listed on the timetable and facebook group page. Every second week is a High Heels Dance Class.

Please understand that the majority of our classes are conducted in a group fitness environment – it is your responsibility to ensure that you inform the instructor at the start of every class about any condition or injury requiring program modifications to suit your individual needs. You must also inform the instructor if you feel any discomfort or acquire any form of injury during the class so that the program can be suitably modified or first aid action taken where required.

Staff at Elements Pole Aerial & Fitness are not able to provide you with personal medical advice and can only modify the program based on the information given to them each class by you.