Sweet Berries Knee Pads  – great for Pole Dancers who want to protect their knees and still grip the pole!

Gel knee pads are one of the best knee pads to use if you have to kneel a lot and you experience knee pains because the gel spreads out the force the knee gets when you kneel that way preventing one part of your knee wearing down faster and hurting more.


  • Comfortable and effective for floor work and pole dancing.
  • Cut-outs on the back of the pads allow you to grip the pole without slipping.
  • Grip Silicone Line inside for extra grip and a better fit.
  • We are using Gel instead of Polyurethane for better knee protection.
  • Designed with Gel Padding.
  • Australian Design.
  • Made in Europe.

Size Guide:

Sweet Berries Premium Fabrics stretch extremely well so we were able to make your shopping easy by simplifying sizes.

Small (AU 6-10)

Medium (AU 10-12)

Large (AU 12-16)