Pole Dance & Aerials will help you lose weight, tone up, feel more confident and have a new lease on life. You do not need to have any level of fitness, coordination, dance ability or flexibility to start.

In your classes at Elements Pole Aerial Fitness, we will help you each week to learn the basic tricks, spins and dance moves in a fun and supportive environment. It is addictive and it is very sociable – you will make friends and it will change your life! We are here to support your new journey.


We run 4 week beginner courses in either pole, lyra, silks and other modalities. If you fall in love with your new hobby then you signup for an ongoing membership and keep progressing. There is a chance that your first chosen time and day for your level may change in the future due to changes in class movement but we will work with you and ensure your smooth journey.

In each pole class you will do a warm up, cool down, conditioning and strength exercises and progress to learning transitions and or routine.


TeamUp is our online booking & payment system. You will use teamup to book your first courses and further casual classes and open practice.


We hold a themed Performance Night throughout the year. Performance Nights is where you perform your routine with your class in front of family and friends. Each performance night has a different theme and everyone dresses up to the theme. Lyra, Silks and Pole all perform. Of course this is always optional, you don’t have to perform if you don’t want too.


This is a more low key event than Performance Night. Creations night is an opportunity for you to create your own routine and perform only in front of close friends and family.


We have a social club and regularly go on outings to places like Bounce, Ice Skating, Inflatable World… we are totally open for all suggestions. So if you are interested in meeting more people and having fun in groups Elements is the place for you.


Pole Dance and Aerial has become very competitive state, national and international competitions are run regularly around Australia and the world. We like to give our students an opportunity to compete in a very relaxed studio atmosphere. The competition usually happens around September each year.


Open practice is a time where you can come into the studio and practice what you have been learning. The timetable will say whether there is an Instructor available to assist you.


We regularly have outside instructors coming to the studio for workshops plus others held by our own instructors. These workshops help you progress in your journey. Keep an eye out on the facebook group or emails.


You have a choice to come once a week to your pole class but to get the most out of your membership we recommend you come to as many casual classes and open practice time as you can. This will see you progress a lot faster


With each level you must be able to master each trick on both sides confidently, if yourself or the instructor feels you are not doing this safely and confidently then they will talk with about repeating your current level or suggest other solutions for you. Repeating a level is not considered bad, it gives you the opportunity to really master the tricks and give you much more confidence (it is all about technique).


Some people struggle with gripping the pole.. It is quite normal Don’t worry about this, we have grip aids at the studio to help with this

Wear Shorts or bike pants so you have plenty of skin to grip the pole. Any type of tshirt is fine.

Do not moisturise or shave your legs prior to the class, this will make you too slippery to us the pole.. Those dry scaly legs are perfect for grip (don’t worry, everyone else in the studio is the same)

Long tights and a tight tshirt.


Casual Classes must be pre-booked on our website and if you are unable to attend you need to cancel yourself. The Casual Class timetable varies and is available on our website and ap.


We reserve a pole for you in your chosen class! It is your responsibility to make it to your booked classes, but in the case that you can’t make it, we do offer catch ups with the following options:

Same Level, different time slot IF there is a spare pole in that class. Same Level, different time slot, sit and observe and take notes if there is no spare pole for you

Open Practice with Instructor. Check the current Timetable for days and times that this is available. Keep in mind with this option that this is not a private lesson for you (but you can book one if you want to!), and there may be other students wanting to catch up as well, so in general, you will have 10-15 minutes with the Instructor, so be warmed up and ready to go!

Also, keep in mind that if you can’t catch up on a missed class, we usually go over the previous weeks class content at the next lesson, and even though it isn’t in as much detail, you can catch up that way and then practice practice practice!


Refer a friend that joins receive a $25 credit


The course fee is a single product. There are no refunds or credits regardless of being paid upfront or weekly or fortnightly.


After you have completed your Beginners course and you are keen to continue we have a membership program that will suit you. It is your responsibility to let Elements know that you want to cancel your membership at the end of a term.

Direct Debits come out on a Monday, it is your responsibility to have enough money in your account to cover the debit otherwise an $11 debit fee will be charged on top of paying for the


It is your responsibility to cancel your enrolment at least 2 weeks prior to the end of term.


Please remember to advise your instructor if you have any injuries.

Our classes are designed to minimise any future injuries. We do warm ups, conditioning, cool downs and stretches, it is important you do these as no one wants to hurt themselves and miss out on any future pole dance classes.


If you have any questions or problems please talk with one or our friendly instructors or Cassie or Samantha either personally, by phone 0478633 094 or email lawnton@elementspoleaerialfitness.com. We are here to support your pole journey.

Are you ready to discover yourself?