Intro Courses are the best way to explore a new way of life, try out all the casual classes and learn a new skill. During your journey you will discover muscles you never new existed, learn to connect with your body, mind and soul. There are no special skills required to start, all you need to do is commit to yourself. We are open to all sizes, ages, fitness levels.

Our classes are small! Only 4 for Lyra & Silks, up to 9 for Pole and 12 for Aerial Yoga/Hammock

Intro Courses include the one speciality class (lyra, pole or silks) per week plus casual classes and open practice. Our timetable can be found here

After the Intro course you will know whether its something you want to continue or not, its a very personal journey.

Cost for the courses is Payment in Full.  You may choose to do fortnightly payments of $80 per fortnight, please contact us on to set this up as you cannot do it yourself.