Intro Courses are the best way to explore a new way of life, try out all the casual classes and learn a new skill. During your journey you will discover muscles you never new existed, learn to connect with your body, mind and soul. There are no special skills required to start, all you need to do is commit to yourself. We are open to all sizes, ages, fitness levels etc.

Intro Courses include the on speciality class per week plus casual classes and open practice. Our timetable can be found here

Currently our Casual Classes are:

Monday 6pm – Choreo with Morde [Dance}
Tuesday 8pm – Stretch with Aerial Hammock
Wednesday 7pm – Risque [Dance]
Thursday 8pm – Stretch
Friday 6.30pm – Roulette [Dance]
Saturday 8am – Strength & Conditioning
Saturday 8-10:30am – Open Practice
Sunday 9am – Aerial Yoga
Sunday 10:15 – Barre
Sunday 10:15-12noon – Open Practice

After the Intro course you will know whether its something you want to continue and can spark up an ongoing membership. We are the most affordable friendly studio in Brisbane.

To Enrol into an Intro Course you can either

    1. Pay the $320 upfront orĀ 
    2. Purchase our 8 Week Intro Course Pack, and pay $160 upfront then $160 in week 4. After you have purchased the pack please enrol yourself into the course you want to attend.

Any problems please email us at