We don’t always have a receptionist on duty so if you have a question you can ask your instructor or email via out website page here.

When you join us we provide you with a pole learning spray bottle with a mixture of metho and water. You are welcome to unlimited refills for the metho, it is available at the reception desk.

You are so lucky to be with Elements, we do regular shoe and boot orders with Pleaser and other brands and can offer our members a discount.

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Nothing worse than getting to the studio without your hair tie but dont worry, its all good, we have spares in the bathroom waiting for you.

No worries we can help contact us on our website contact form! Using the form helps flag and prioritise your issue. Go to our contact page here

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and these days a sniffle will keep you at home and you miss your scheduled class. It is important to keep up with the level of tricks in your class for your own safety and the benefit of the whole class so we are happy to work with you in these cases. Here are some options for missed classes.

Please note all options must be taken up within 2 weeks of your missed class and you must be a financial member at the time.

Open Practice

Ask your Instructor which tricks you missed, bring them along to Open Practice on Saturdays between 9-10am and the instructor on duty will assist. (this time may change so double check with the timetable or your instructor)

Attend another class

Attend another level class during the week.  If you

Private Lesson

You can organise a private lesson, at your own expense, at a time that suits the Instructor and work through the tricks you have missed. 

Please be mindful that you are responsible for keeping up with your Level class so if you have missed  more than 3 weeks and you have not caught up, we expect you to organise a private lesson. If you do not keep up to your level then you may be asked to move back a level.

PS: If you know in advance you are not going to be here remember you can always put your membership on hold for 2 weeks or more. Just notify us prior to you going away not afterwards.

If you have any concerns or need to work out a plan please talk with your instructor or admin at https://www.elementspoleaerialfitness.com/contact-elements/