Welcome to Elements Pole Aerial Fitness! We are sure you will enjoy your journey with the Elements Family. It may feel challenging at times, but most of all it’s going to be so much fun!

This email is to welcome you to our family and provide you with an overview of how our studio runs. Please always feel free to contact the admin or your instructor if you have any questions.  

Please join our facebook group here. We share studio news and updates through the group.

Our address is 856 Gympie Road Lawnton Qld 4501


 When you sign up for your 4 week beginner course your fee includes your one allocated course class per week plus access to all the casual classes (blue on the timetable) and open practice (green on the timetable).

Our course classes usually consist of a group warm up, conditioning, new tricks, routine and some video/photo time then cool down and stretching.

Pole and aerials are hard work! During your course you will experience bruises and a fair amount of muscle pain which is perfectly normal. We do have some pain-relieving sprays available in the studio for purchase, Epsom salts or magnesium baths are also recommended. 

Please advise your instructor if you feel any discomfort or injuries or anything else that may affect you during class.

Grip can be a problem in the early days as it takes a while to develop the strength in your hands. We believe it is best to try to develop this strength yourself first, although we do have special grip potions available at the studio and have testers to try at your instructor’s discretion.

We generally have someone on reception to assist with purchases or questions, sometimes one of the instructors is on duty. Just speak to your instructor if you need anything.

If you happen to miss a class due to sickness or prior commitments you are welcome to do a makeup class in another pole class, you can attend any class your level and under. Please book the class through admin or our website contact page.


All you need is shorts or bike pants for pole classes and long tights for lyra & silks. Any type of T-shirt is fine.  Please remove all jewellery.

It is thirsty work so please bring a water bottle and a sweat towel. We will provide you with a pole cleaning towel and pole cleaning spray.

When you attend the studio (for any class), we ask that you remain in the reception area until the previous class has finished. If you need to use the bathroom when you arrive, you are welcome to go to the bathroom then come back to the reception area. When your class has finished and you want to chat with your friends, please move into the reception area so the next class can start.


To book casual classes please use our online program TeamUp, either through our website or the app. Please remember to cancel out of the class if you are unable to attend.

Initially you might feel out of your comfort zone as it takes a while for your mind and body to get used to all these new moves and stretches. This is perfectly normal, and everyone usually feels this way to begin with! Have a chat with the person beside you as all of our students love helping our new members.

Please read class descriptions carefully and ensure you bring everything required for class eg: own exercise mat, knee pads or gym shoes. These items are used for your comfort and safety, and not bringing them could put you in discomfort/risk of injury.  

Most of all, take advantage of these casual classes as they are included in your membership. Each class will teach you a different skill or expand on your knowledge learnt during your course. Plus, you will meet even more of our Elements Family!


 Some people start up a new Instagram account just for their aerial journey. This is a great way to keep an online diary of your progress and you can share with your newfound friends at Elements.

Feel free to post a video of yourself doing a routine or trick online but if another student or instructor appears in the video then we ask you please obtain that person’s permission first.

Don’t forget to add yourself to our Facebook group – Elements Lawnton Family! We post notices, songs for casual classes, orders for merchandise and other content in this group and we highly recommend you join. Once you have requested to join our admin will match up your name to your membership and add you in (please let us know if your name will appear different to your membership). This is a private group for current students and instructors only.

If you would like to tag us throughout your aerial journey – our tags are: @elementspoleaerialfitness, #elementspoleaerialfitness, #elementslawnton, #elementspole, #elementsaerials.


During week 3 or 4 of your course we will ask if you want to continue and join our membership program. Our membership is very simple and designed to suit most people.

Briefly our membership is a 3 month minimum commitment with a 21 day cancellation notice. You can put your membership on hold up for up to 8 weeks (with a minimum of 2 weeks) per year. Makeup classes are available for the duration of your membership. Memberships are $80 per fortnight or $160 per 4 weeks and includes your course class, casual classes, open practice and other membership benefits. To view all the details go to our website.

If you need to cancel your membership or make any changes you must contact admin via the contact page on our website.

Pole & Aerial is forever progressive, there is always some new trick or combination to learn. Our levels take around 8-12 weeks to complete.

Thank you for starting your journey at Elements Pole & Aerial!

If you have any further queries, please refer to our Studio Etiquette and feel free to contact us via the contact form on the website.

Team Elements! xx